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Apopka Learning Center

Apopka Child Academy® is a Gold Seal, APPLE accredited learning center of Apopka with a long tradition of high-quality.

Welcome and thank you for visiting Apopka Child Academy. We are very excited to tell you about our learning center. Your children are special and we understand that you want the best care for them. We provide caring, nurturing attention to children aged six weeks, through school age, up to 12 years.

Credentialed teachers provide individual attention, in an environment designed with your children in mind. Our programs offer guidance in a setting that fosters emotional growth while providing the most well-rounded educational experience appropriate for children. Research clearly indicates that high-quality early learning experiences help children develop the basic knowledge, understanding, and interests necessary to be successful learners, readers and writers.​

Parent participation is placed high on our agenda. We believe in open communication between teachers and parents. We are always here to listen to parents’ needs and concerns. Apopka Child Academy accepts children without regard to race, religion or national origin.

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Child Safety

Apopka Child Academy is a state certified high achievement childcare, located in the center of Apopka. We offer a stimulating learning environment to all students. Our classrooms are print rich and use rubrics to ensure clear expectations for all students. Our English Language Development and Bilingual classes support the linguistic needs of our multicultural student body.

The Apopka Child Academy staff believes that its primary purpose is to educate each student to the highest possible level of academic achievement by providing an appropriate curriculum in a safe, healthy environment. We are committed to helping students grow emotionally and develop social skills. We believe in creating an environment that encourages learning and social growth through character building and high expectations.

Apopka Pre-kindergarten

Our Staff

We are proud of our team of professional teachers and caregivers. They will demonstrate warmth, sensitivity, and respect to your child and are very aware of social and cultural differences. Our on-going training requirements encourage growth and commitment in their chosen profession.​

Apopka Child Academy requires that all the members of our staff complete a 40-hour module State-mandated training, with successful completion of the final exam. They must also complete the 5-hour State Early Literacy Training. Certificates in CPR and First Aid are also required.​

The lead teacher as well as the associated teacher must have the national CDA or its CDA equivalent.

Apopka Learning Center

Our Mission

“Our Mission at Apopka Child Academy is to meet your child’s individual needs and focus on self-directed, developmentally appropriate learning activities that encourage your child to explore and learn about his or her world in a loving secure environment. Our doors are always open for your comments and suggestions on ways to improve our Mission and to meet your child’s individual needs. We look forward to growing with you at Apopka Child Academy.”

Hours and Holidays

Hours: Monday through Friday 5:30 am to 7:00 pm

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